Monday, November 03, 2008

"These are the days when you wish your bed was already made..."

Well, my dinner is what I wish was already made, more accurately.

Mondays are bad restaurant days in the HBC. The HBC being the most incredibly neighbourhood in Seoul, in which I am finally a resident. To give some background, it runs along the side of the American army base, right up some nasty-ass hills (or nasty ass-hills, hahaha.) Itaewon, the neighbourhood reputed for its foreigner friendly night scene, is only a twenty minute walk away or a $2 cab. You are free to speculate about which method I use more often. Itaewon became such a foreigner magnet, as I understand it, because of the presence of the American army base just down the road. There are tons of foreign bars and great foreign restaurants, plus a healthy market selling fakes of all kinds, but especially things like basketball shirts and purses. Haebangchon seems to have earned its foreign stripes as a result to its close proximity to Itaewon, rather than the base - for all that it's close, most of the residents are teachers or workers from various African countries (mostly Nigeria) rather than soldiers, who when they live off base tend to live in Kungridong (god knows how that is supposed to be romanized.)

However, Haebangchon is still a smallish place, and so it really only has four main restaurants: Phillie's (also a bar), Indigo, Jacoby's, and Alexandria's. Three out of four of those are all closed on Mondays, and I've yet to be wowed by the Korean restaurants nearby. Unfortunately, the grocery store scene is not so hot either, and I'm a lazy ass, so cooking at home is a bit of a bore. I have stuff, it just doesn't inspire me. But I guess being forced to cook one night a week is no bad thing. And I do "cook" for myself more often than that, it just sucks to be forced to do it on Monday.

I'm not a huge fan of Mondays - I don't like my two last classes of the day much and it is my most frantic workday if the weekly meeting happens to have run long, thus cutting into my rather meagre prep time. And Sunday is my funday. It's always a bit sad to have to see it end. There is something about staring down the week and knowing the fun is a whole five days away...

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