Thursday, November 20, 2008

My day, in List Form

* I missed the first snowfall.

* One of my "Elite" students invented his own word - my twelve year old thinks his is a kidult - half kid, half adult.

* A man came today and told me I haven't paid an electric bill for three months. Which I haven't, because they haven't sent me one. Unusual for my luck, everyone involved was incredibly helpful and seemed happy to make an effort to explain to me how to pay a rather unorthodox bill and try to figure out why I haven't been getting electric bills so far.

* My teenagers were ridiculous and hilarious as always.

* One of my students said to me, "Teacher, looks older. Tired (she points at the black under my eyes), wrinkles. Teacher is a little mean to us (I did snap at them to sit down) but we are so cute." I responded by asking how old I looked, exactly. With a look of pity on her face, in the saddest little voice imaginable, she told me: "Teacher looks 28." Bwahahahahaha.

* I forgot my second cup of coffee at home. In an attempt to budget a bit, I've been making myself actual breakfast at home, along with a warm cup of coffee. Then I moved even further and started making a second cup in my travel mug to take along with me. Sometimes I have it hot right when I first arrive, sometimes I drink it cold later in the evening. Today I didn't do either, as the damn thing sat on my counter top all day.

* Amusingly, I ran out of toilet paper. I guess Martha grabbed the last roll, so I didn't notice that I was on my last roll. I'll be making do with Kleenex, because it's cold outside and I can't be bothered to go and get more tonight.

* For two days I've been freezing my ass off. I seem to think that if I just don't wear a winter jacket, it won't get cold enough for me to need one. Not so true. However, today not only was my sweater enough, but it came in handy in a kindie class all about kinds of clothes.


Nikki said...

It's been getting down to the teens these days, and I'm still refusing to pull my winter stuff out. If I still wear t-shirts, it must be summer!

Your kids sound greatly amusing. I miss teaching.

Cairo Typ0 said...

True story: in my family we have two words that both mean the same thing sort of. A child who thinks they're grown up. Or an adult who needs to.

Chilud and Adlut. Teh former came about one time when i tried to spell child aloud realized that i wasn't about to win any spelling bees. LOL

Amanda said...

Haha. That's awesome. What amused me was that he really does believe that sometimes he acts like an adult! Um, no.

Sofiya said...

I've heard the word kidult before. Isn't it used to describe books that are children's books in theory, but adults like reading them too?

Amanda said...

I'd never heard that, but it's interesting.