Friday, October 31, 2008

National Blog Posting Month

Last year I wanted to make my first foray into NaBloPoMo, but I was off to North Korea to hike in the Geumgangsan Mountains for a weekend, with a some pneumonia thrown in just to make it more interesting.

This year I also have a November trip to North Korea, but this time just a day trip to Kaesong city with Adventure Korea.
We have organized a special one-day tour to Kaesong City, North Korea. Kaesong City was the capital during the Goryeo Dynasty in the years 918-1392 AD. With its scenic waterfall, historic Buddhist temples and tombs of kings, Kaesong City is home to many legends and story tales.

After crossing the heavily fortified border we will visit five famous tourist spots. The tour includes a luncheon prepared “Kaesong style” at the city's main restaurant, Unification. The restaurant is in the city center and is overshadowed by a gigantic gold statue of North Koreas former leader, Kim Il-Song. The statue is situated on top of a nearby hill.

This tour enables us to experience North Korean citizens daily lives, similar to those in Pyeongyang - North Koreas capital.
So, I should be able to participate this year. I did manage a month earlier in the year, and tried for a second but if memory serves I didn't finish the second month. I recall it being a nice challenge and an interesting focus, though it wasn't easy to stay interesting. I'll try harder this month!

However, November is looking like it might shake up to be a very boring, tiring month for me. Hopefully I'll find something to say.

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cripchick said...

you went to geumgang mountain!?

(just ran across your blog from kay at the gimp parade.. as a corean queer, very excited!)