Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bringing the Funny and the Nerdy

Last night Martha and I went out for Halloween once again, but incredibly late. We didn't even leave the house until about 10.30 p.m. and stopped for falafel sandwiches on the way at Alexandria's, since it was basically the only place still open and serving food. We made our way over to Wolfhound, but there was a line down the stairs and out onto the road, so we ended up in Geckos, sharing a table with some Poly people - Bethany, who started at Mokdong as I was leaving, Chris and Laura Terry - and Val, Gary and crew. I'm not sure how they all know each other, actually, but that's just how Korea is. Chase and Sam kindly gave me a free jello shooter when we arrived and as Geckos was closing gave both of us a couple of random drinks in IV bags. We meandered over to Soho and I ended up having one of those nights where I meet tons and tons of new people. It was quite a fun evening.

This morning we were meant to meet Brian for waffles around noon, but with Michael in the hospital and his birth mom in the country against his wishes, Brian was off keeping her entertained. Annie called and so we met her and Ceedra for waffles instead, with poor Martha forced as always to basically drill sargeant me out of the house on time. I am not a morning person, to say the least. After waffles we wandered onto the base so Annie could go shopping. We walked over and Martha inspired me to attempt to step on the crunchiest leaves. Since Martha and I couldn't go into the store, we chilled and had coffee. Just before this, we were all sitting outside while they had a smoke and the sky looked just beautiful. Martha pointed it out and Annie chimed in with, "I bet it's not this beautiful in Korea!" It's not terribly funny to relate, but at the time it was hilarious.

After our short jaunt on base, we headed back home so I could shower and Martha could nap before the quiz. We even managed to get in an episode of America's Next Top Model - I do love the show, but it's not one I like to watch alone. It definitely requires someone to make snarky remarks to about the stupidity of so many things the girls say. I was wearing my "Talk Nerdy to Me" t-shirt and the funny came out for the second time of the day when Martha asked just how geeky I wanted it and pretended to speak binary to me.

At Wolfhound there was nary a table in sight, so we popped next door to the little Italian place for dinner. I was quite cranky because I was hungry and it's helpful that Martha was so chill about my bitchiness! It isn't a great Italian restaurant, but it is good. We got the set menu, which involved potato soup, grilled veggies, a pizza (on very odd crust, but yum!), Fettecine Alfredo, drinks, and pannacotta. We missed the first couple of quiz questions, but Annie, Ceedra and Alex had managed to grab a table and chairs for us. We called ourselves the Ambigious Genitals, which won us the best name prize, and came in third with a fairly respectable score. Too bad we didn't know more about Shakespeare, as that was the round we fell behind. It was a good night all round, and Alex was there to provide some moments of comedy as always. It was one of Garret's quizzes, which was great. We've missed quite a few lately and I had no idea where we were on the schedule, so that was nice. His are by far the best.

The walk home was lovely. Ceedra and I talk each other to death and poor Annie can't get a word in edgewise, but hopefully she doesn't mind. It's a bit chill out, but I'm all about the layering. Fall walks are lovely, especially in the evening.

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