Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Korea's Heat Is To Die Floor*

*Title courtesy of Martha, who apparently tells worse jokes than I do.

I have heat! I've known for a couple of weeks that my floor heating was broken. First Jenn and then Martha informed me as to how the dials all worked and yet my floor remained cold as ice.

Ok, well not that cold. To be honest last night was the first really cold night and even then I was happy and warm under all my blankets. It was just a horrible experience to have to get out of them.

Some workmen came today and when I got home tonight everything was warm and toasty.

I don't understand why Canada doesn't embrace floor heating. I spent the first 26 years of my life getting cold toes during any nighttime bathroom excursion in the winter in two countries.

Koreans are mighty smart. There is nothing nicer on the toes than a warm floor.

Well, ok. Maybe a sandy beach.


Kay Olson said...

So, the floor itself heats up?

Why are Minnesotans not yet this smart?

Glad you're toasty now.

Amanda said...

I know! Canada should be all over this!