Monday, November 17, 2008

The Zen of Washing Dishes

I had forgotten how much you take care of yourself when you take care of others. It will sound silly, but I had my moment of revelation while doing some dishes. Rather a lot of dishes, actually - two hours worth of scrubbing.

You'll think I'm odd, but not only do I not mind doing dishes, I actually quite like doing dishes in large quantities. My mother will be reading this with a look of incredulous disbelief on her face, because I'm sure that I wasn't saying anything like this back in the day when the dishwasher broke. Though the key thing for me is that I not have to dry them. I fucking hate drying dishes. God (who I don't actually believe in, but go with it) put the air in the world so that dishes could dry theirdamnselves.

I had a good weekend, which I entirely credit to having great friends. After Liz's mystery party/birthday, Martha and I spent Saturday doing very little. We both slept in incredibly late and spent a bit of time in Itaewon - she had stuff to do, so I wandered off to buy some new boot socks (and I love them!) and grabbed a coffee at Starbucks to try and finish off Fury, only to find out that this year there is no Christmas peppermint mocha. Bastards!

The book finished, I dragged Martha into What the Book in a search for magazines and Twilight; neither search was successful. We ate at the International Restaurant, which is one of those places I've been meaning to go for ages. It was really good - I've missed Indian food. You can never, ever get enough Indian food, I think. Made me miss Jasmine though. Then we came home and watched some ANTM and Project Runway. I'm addicted and now constantly reminded of Vanessa - she used to riff off of both of these shows in the bar. I miss her and the old crew, though I do also love the new crew. It's funny how groups of friends in Korea morph - it's always sad, but I love how many cool people I've met here. We also played a game of Scrabble, which had me reminiscing about the old games at Beanscene with Jenni, Andrea, and David. Odd how all of those things stacked up to remind me of old friends.

Anyway, I had a very productive morning for a Monday, which was a nice counterpoint to yesterday afternoon's complete shitshow of an attempt at doing anything. I was in a rather horrible mood - nowhere near enough sleep, general bone-deep exhaustion, medication-related pukeyness, and that time of the month combined to turn me into what I imagine a polar bear with a sore paw is like. Martha was an angel for putting up with me and wandering all around Seoul in a series of frustrating non-errands. Nothing got done at all between the attending of brunch and quiz night except me driving both her and myself nuts, though I had a great time at both events.

I stayed at Martha's last night in order to go to Coex this morning to buy a new iPod. It has long been time to admit that my old one bit the bullet, as it had to be restored every damn time I hooked it up to the computer and would refuse to stay turned off, so the battery was always completely dead. The poor little thing was FUBAR and it was time to move on. I wasn't sure what I wanted exactly - Martha used her iPod to watch Jon Stewart while on boring bus rides, so I was pondering getting the Classic with tons of gigs of storage space. Then Brian went and bought a Touch and had me craving all the latest bells and whistles. However, what it came down to was that I really like my iPod small, so I just picked up the newest Nano, which since they are now making 16 gig ones means that I still ended up with more storage capacity than I had. It'll likely still all go to songs though, as really that's all I really want the iPod for. I love me some music.

And it's purple! Purple!!!

It turns out that Project Runway and America's Next Top Model will be my new vices, now that I have had to give up my mainstays. Not really a bad trade-off actually, but they better vote that Daniel out fairly quickly or I'm going to turn into one of those people who yells at the TV.

(I make up an awful lot of words, which becomes rather clear every time I remember to spellcheck these posts - which, admittedly, isn't very often.)


Andrea said...

I miss Scrabble at Beanscene!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I'm jealous. I'm desperate for a purple ipod! Hubby said if we can find a good deal on one at Xmas. My old shuffle is full so it's not like its a frivolous purchase. Much... LOL

Ray said...

I read on your list of 101 things to do that you want to visit 5 UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Did you read one of my blogs from this weekend?

There are 8 in Korea, and I've been to three. We should go to the other 5, unless you've already been!

It'd be a FUN weekend adventure!

Amanda said...

Cool. I'm in.