Saturday, November 08, 2008

Umm, yeah

This post is nothing but me feeling a bit of annoyance at someone, that is probably felt more because I'm sick and naseous and exhausted, but... We were making up a pub quiz today and there were two artist majors in the group. Now, while I for sure haven't formally studied art much, I do know a decent amount about it. And when I wanted to alter a question in the section I proposed (which is actually all about equality and civil rights), and I said I thought it might be more accessible to the general audience to include a bit about how the Guerilla Girls are involved quite heavily in protesting Hollywood and the film industry because I feel that might be the bit about them that Joe Blow might know off hand, I was told that the art expert in question that she hadn't even heard that they were involved in protesting the Oscars and lack of female directors. And so because I'm feeling annoyed and sick and petty:

From the first paragraph of Wikipedia:
The Guerrilla Girls are a group of radical feminist artists established in New York City in 1985, known for using guerrilla art to promote women and people of color in the arts. Their first work was putting up posters on the streets of New York decrying the gender and racial imbalance of artists represented in galleries and museums. Over the years they expanded their activism to examine Hollywood and the film industry, popular culture, gender stereotyping and corruption in the art world.

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