Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Wednesday Night

Well, we didn't win, but we did get a free bottle of vodka. Oh, that I was drinking and able to enjoy it. The first place team didn't want to host next week, so we got the bottle for promising to host.

To be honest, I'm rather sad about that. I don't mind making the quiz, but I don't enjoy hosting anywhere near as much as I like doing a quiz. Which means that next week will be a wash. Ach, well.

We played both darts and Scrabble afterwards. Good fun.

Also, sometimes life is confusing. Now is one of those times.


Cairo Typ0 said...

It's hard to beat a free bottle of Vodka. Was it good vodka? Hmmm vodka... brb i need go and "fix" my orange juice to make it taste better. :p

Amanda said...

Just Smirnoff. Not bad, not great. I would also agree that free booze is never bad - they also have free ladies' nights here.