Thursday, August 02, 2007

This is an Episode!

Do you ever read someone's blog and find they've written something that crystalizes your own life for you? Something that really, really speaks to you? It happens to me fairly often. Leading up to and during the big breakup, I started to get into reading other people's blogs. Frog and Sofiya's entries about their own breakups helped me think about my own in a new way. Anais's entries about friendship and processing and new beginnings helped me in thinking through parts of my own life. Kay's blog continuously challenges me to rethink a subject that I have lived with for a long time but sometimes am not quite sure of.

And yet again, someone else's post has made sense of my life.

Here's what Anais said:Thomas Moore wrote that a musical form he finds useful in therapy is the episode. "In a piece of music, minor passages sometimes link major themes to each other. They pass quickly and rarely take on a major significance. The word literally means side road, as it contains the interesting Greek word for road, hodos. I often think of certain life themes, though weighty and bothersome when they appear, as mere episodes, not likely to last long and become significant in themselves, but contributing in a small way to grander issues and developments. I can weather a tough time if I perceive that what is disturbing me at the moment is a musical episode and not a lengthy development."

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Sofiya said...

Well, I'm delighted if anyone's been able to learn from the giant trainwreck of my romantic life! You'd think I might occasionally learn from my own mistakes, but nope, pretty much do it over and over and over again...