Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Now the promised details... Part 1, Getting to Korea

I left Canada on Wednesday at a stupid hour of the morning - so natch, I didn't bother to go to bed. I packed all night, last minute as always, but Emily woke up. Have you ever tried to pack with an inquisitive two year old in the room? Not easy! My bags turned out to be quite light (well, for me, anyway.)

The airport was insane. Clearing US customs in Pearson took me about 2 hours. I just made my flight to Chicago. I am very much not a fan of O'Hare and I sincerely hope to never, ever fly through the States en route ever again. Too much fuss and waiting in lines. In O'Hare my damn bra kept setting off the metal detector. The plane ride to Seoul was fantastic though. Korean Air had the TVs in the back of the seats in economy class, so I watched four movies. The first was In the Land of Women. It was fine, though a tad on the boring side and I admit I dozed off a bit. Then I watched 300 which I thought was absolute crap. Not only did I doze off, but I was glad I did! I thought it would be more like Troy or Gladiator (and in spite of the historical inaccuracies and my nerdy knowledge of the ancient world, I usually like those sorts of movies) but it wasn't. I thought it was sort of cartoon-like and I just couldn't get into it at all. Then I watched Bridge to Terabithia - I cried. It was a really good adaptation I thought and I loved the way they showed the fantasy parts. Next up was Waitress which was fantastic too. I loved Keri Russell and I liked the plot a lot. You should definitely see this one. I finished off the movie watching extravaganza by watching maybe half of I Think I Love My Wife. Didn't like it (or his wife, much) and it was no sad thing that I didn't have time to finish watching it.

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Film News said...

OMG! I totally hated O'Hare too. But mostly because I only had ten minutes to get to my seoul flight, which was in terminal five. I totally loved Korean Air too. Very nice.