Thursday, August 23, 2007


The park and Koyang's Rodeo from my apartment building.

I don't live in Seoul itself, though I live on the Seoul Subway system. It’s between 20,000 W to 26,000 W to get home from Itaewon by cab – thus, if I take the subway there, I might actually save money on cabs compared to last year when I was too lazy to ever take the subway. It’s only an hourish long trip and only one transfer, so it actually ends up not being that much further away in real terms than anywhere else I’ve lived. To make the whole thing better, a friend has given me keys to her place in Haebonchon so that I can crash in her spare room on the weekends. It sort of adds a party atmosphere to going out, actually.

On Rodeo, with special decorations for a Grand Open.

Koyang seems nice. I say seems because in the first ten days I spent back in Korea, I was in Itaewon for five. I haven’t exactly gotten around to exploring Koyang. I’ve located the Emart, so my fridge is now slightly fuller (though as per usual, I seem to not have anything that would actually go together to make a meal, so I might be surviving on peanut butter and bread.) I’ve been to a good Chinese place and the BBQ place that my coworkers frequent. The ajumma knows them all by name and already has mine down pat after my first visit there tonight. I think I am going to like it. After all, what’s better than BBQ and beer? The Rodeo has lots of cool looking stores, so one of these days I’ll have to do some exploring. Plus, girls wear really cool shirts in Koyang...

The waitress from the Chinese restaurant wearing a T-shirt that says Skinny Bitch.

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