Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My First Field Trip

Miss J on the bus, surrounded by a sea of preschoolers.

Field trip started out with a bus ride with my homeroom class, the Tigers. It wasn't a long drive and at the end we drove past a bunch of airplanes and the kids got very excited. Our trip was to a university that has an Aerospace Museum.

Emily models the 3D glasses.

The first thing we did on arrival was see two 3D movies, in Korean. I put on some glasses myself, but it didn't really work for me. The pics looked a little more 3D, but didn't jump out like they should. The double vision, I guess?

The kids getting excited by the special effects.

Then we went to see another movie, this one narrated by two NASA astronauts, who had been dubbed over into Korean. Highly amusing to watch. The cool thing about my kindie kids (aside from the fact that they could use their English skills to wipe the floor with the 4th graders I taught last year) is that even when watching movies in Korean, the English only rule is so engrained that their comments on the movies were all in English. "Cool!" "Teacher, look at that!" It was cute.

Mr. Bishop and I rockin' the 3D glasses.

Then we walked through the museum part, at a fairly rapid pace, which was fine, since everything was in Korean. After a stop in the lobby for snack time, we went outside to take class pictures on the wing of a plane. Hopefully I'll get copies of the picture to post. Then, back to school and off we went for lunch - I had kimchi mandu and dukboki. Yum.

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