Friday, August 03, 2007

Bridge to Teribithia

I first read this book for school, I think in grade 6. I remember really liking it and so with the movie coming out, I thought I'd have a refresher read.

I also had two hours to fill in a mall and no desire to shop. I read the whole thing sitting in a window area at Indigo.

All I can say is that I still really like it and the ending broke my heart. If I hadn't been reading in public, there would have been tears.

Why did I stop reading children's literature all these years? It's so good!


Banannas said...

i've never stopped reading kiddie lit...and i never will.

i might break down and buy the new HP since i want to read it...but it's so freakin' expensive. and heavy. argh.

Amanda said...

I would lend you my copy, but there is no way it's coming over in my luggage!