Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Could this be any more last minute?

I went into the consulate this morning to see if I was going to have my visa issued in time for tomorrow's planned flight. It hadn't even been started! At 3:50, with 40 minutes of working time left, it hadn't been started. I was issued it ten minutes after the consulate technically closed!

Though, in some ways this is good. It was a stressful day, as at the back of my mind I was worried that I would have to do some last minute flight changing while I read an entire book in the Indigo at the Eaton's Centre (more about the book later). However, it gives me about as much time to pack as I really need (just under 12 hours between heading back to Bolton and needing to leave for the airport). And it means that I am taking my morning flight.

And that means no last minute goodbyes with the girls. Dogs and children are the hardest people to say goodbye to - though with my mom threatening the waterworks at the airport every time, she isn't easy either. However, parents, friends, siblings - they can all be talked to on the phone and on messanger and by email. It might not be quite the same, but it is good enough. But dogs and children just can't be kept in touch with in any adequate way when you are overseas.

It was saying goodbye to Lucky that almost had me crying when I went away to university. My first time to Korea Lucky had just been put down and it was Sarah who nearly had me in tears - as I left Andrew and Kari were reading her a bedtime story. I think after 3 months with the girls and spending so much time with them, having to say goodbye would have been really difficult. Instead, they all just got a kiss goodnight while I am still distracted by the need to pack.

Though Emily just woke up crying, and I must admit that while I loved the break from packing to cuddle in the rocking chair, it did tug at my heartstrings more than a little.

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