Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Apartment

You're going to have to turn your head to a 90 degree angle for this photo, since I can't figure out how to use a Korean computer to flip the photo. Apparently I have also been classy enough to let you all have a peak at my unmentionables too. Check out the hot pink bra, I'm quite fond of it.

The apartment I got dropped off to on Thursday night was temporary. It was pretty damn big by Korean standards – a whole separate bedroom! However, my new place is nice. So much built in storage – shelves and cupboards and drawers. It’s fantastic. Slightly odder closet space though. My first apartment had a great view of Koyang’s Rodeo. Now I have a great view of the kitchen of an apartment in the next building over. However, unlike my last employer, my current ones believe that basic furnishings involve blinds.

Stove top and kimchi fridge.

I have a few other exciting features. First off, I have a kimchi fridge. Since I’m not that big a fan of kimchi, I won’t be using it. In fact, I suspect it’s going to take a lot of Fabreeze to get the smell of kimchi out of my apartment, after I made the mistake of opening it. And for a brief minute I had gotten all excited at the prospect of an oven.

Inside of the kimchi fridge. There are two compartments. Inside are numerous Tupperware containers that hold the kimchi. My coworkers apparently use theirs to hold water. I never intend to open mine again. The smell must be contained!

The bathroom not only has a slightly separate shower area, it also has an intercom that would allow me to answer the door while on the toilet! Like it already wasn’t cool enough to be able to speak to and see the people at your door on the videocam thingy.

Video thingy to answer my doorbell. If all things remain the same, I will only use it for the gas lady and the Mormons. Hopefully I can tell them apart!

Intercom in the bathroom, located right in front of my toilet, next to the toilet paper.

The absolute first thing I unpacked was my books. That sounds like the kind of thing I’d do, but to be completely truthful it was just that they were on top of my towel and I was desparate for a shower. I also have a rather amusing pic that involves my sink, but I think for my mother’s sake, I’ll leave it unposted. If Jen from Mokdong reads this, she might be able to guess…


Banannas said...

your apartment is really nice...i say that because you have a four-range stovetop. me like!

Amanda said...

You are welcome to come and cook on it anytime... ;)