Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Blog Ate My Homework

Jenny sent me this link:
SEOUL (AFP) - More and more South Korean schoolchildren are searching the Internet to find someone to do their homework for a fee, a report said Monday.

A portal lists more than 500 websites devoted to homework with fees to pupils ranging from 8,000-10,000 won (eight dollars 50 cents to 11 dollars), The Korea Times said.

"I need to write three English diaries by the end of the week," a 12-year said in a message posted on one site. "I don't really want to write them. Who can write for me and how much do I have to pay?"

There are also websites offering already-completed homework, with individual material downloadable for 500 won, the paper said. Others offer children a chance to share projects.

Experts worry that such sites could send students the wrong message, that they can buy whatever they want, the paper said.


PhoenixStorm said...

I love it. Does this mean I can assign a ton of homework and then rent myself out for a huge fee to do all of it myself for the kids?

Here come those 100 page book reports on Jack and Jill.

Amanda said...

That is genius! How did I not think of that???