Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Finally, A School With Resources

Dear Evil Ex-Boss,

Remember when you said that hagwons moving towards using computers and the internet wasn't a good teaching move? Well, you are an idiot.

At my new school, we have laptops and tv screens in the classroom. I can see them being very useful for science class, since if we can't do an experiment, I ought to be able to find videos or pictures of the concepts instead.

Then there is the daily homework. The kids take comprehension quizzes for all the subjects and I can look up each class and see where they are getting answers wrong. Basically, it allows me to see where individuals and classes are having problems understanding, and I can tailor each class to address weaknesses.

Then there is AR reading. The kids take a leveled book out of the library and read it. Then they go to the computer room and take an online quiz of 5-10 questions. If they get one wrong, the computer makes all the following questions easier. By the end of the test, the computer spits out a level range the child should be picking books from. Thus, we can monitor if the kids are reading at grade level and the kids can earn points through the tests to get prizes. Once a month the reading teacher takes the kids to the library to get them to check out books and maybe take a test if they are ready, but otherwise the kids just do it on their own time.

So, Evil Ex-Boss, all I can say is thank fuck I am working for a school with resources and an actual dedication to the learning of the students. Sure, they are still a hagwon and a hagwon is a business. There are still plenty of silly or annoying things. But they aren't Heritage Institute of Deungcheon-dong, Kangseo-ku.

Consider that a blacklisting, by the way. Just in case anyone ever googles the school, let this be a warning - it sucks, don't work there, find a better job and don't spend a year dealing with Mr. Joo and his mindfucks.

I might be just a little bit bitter. But please note - I stuck it out and I never stopped being dedicated to my students. But Evil Ex-Boss should catch some sort of annoying (though not deadly) disease, if karma has any merit...

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