Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bye-Bye Shesha!

So, Sheila is off for two months of vacation, thus I was off to Itaewon for dinner and drinks on a Tuesday.

The goodbye folks, one off to China, the other off to Canada and Ireland.

However, since she and Jane were doing last minute moving into their new Itae lair, it took awhile to get details of the plans out of them. And so I took a taxi there and back. Fiscally not the most responsible of decisions, except that the taxi driver on the way there was a star. My hood to Itae in only 16,000 W! And he fed me candies and rocked us out to Korean hip hop too.

Geckos staff getting comfy on the pavement outside of the bar.

Geckos on a Tuesday is remarkably busy. And remarkably cheap, in that the staff kindly fed us free shots. One of the staff was leaving for China, so it was quite the party. We ended up sitting on the ground outside Geckos, with everyone who works there, drinking beer and eating beef jerky. As you do.

Jane sitting on a random bag of Vanessa's stuff.

Then, I taxied up to Sheila and Jane's new pad (nice and big!) to get my old phone, taxied back to Itae, and then chilled with her at the bus stop until her bus arrived. At 4:15. Then my taxi driver got lost taking me home and god knows I wasn't any help with directions.

Me rocking the little paper cup of beer on the streets of Itaewon at 2am on a Tuesday!

Let's just say it's going to be a coffee fueled day. Get ready Starbucks, I'll see ya at lunch!

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