Monday, September 25, 2006


It’s a meme I snagged from Frog. She gave four words and we are to write something about each of them. If you want to play, your words are: bamboo, rice, tiger, and calm (yep, there is a Korean theme there). Please leave me a comment if you're up for the challenge!

squeegee: Since I still don't have a license (I know, I know!), my only real association with sqeegees was reading about the debates over squeegee kids in Toronto. Of all the places I have lived, I have noticed the most begging in Edinburgh and Vancouver. The least is probably here in Korea, where you occassionally see begging by disabled people. Generally they ride along the ground on what looks like a board on small wheels, lying down, with music playing. Occassionally you get people on subway trains who ask for money by putting cards of writing on the laps of riders and then collecting them again, preferable along with some money.

ridiculous: Many things are ridiculous, but the most stunning examples of ridiculousness have been provided to me by my boss over the last five months. For example, did you know that North Americans NEVER check the internet for personal business during working hours? That North American teachers would NEVER lean on desks when teaching? That all North Americans have horrible handwriting? Ah, the gems of wisdom from the Jooster.

muffin: Muffins are difficult when you spend time living in both North America and Britain. In Canada, there are muffins and English muffins. In Scotland there are American muffins and muffins. Here in Korea, there isn't much in the way of muffins at all!

rhinoceros: I last saw one in the flesh was when the ex and I went to the Edinburgh Zoo. He took some really amazing pictures of rhinos. The zoo is extremely hilly and they have a penguin walk, where the penguins are allowed out of their enclosure for a little parade. The first time it happened it was unintenional, now they do it as a tourist attraction.

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Naomi said...

BAMBOO: Reminds me of that weird story in the papers the other day of a drunk Chinese man who travelled miles to a zoo and them jumped into the panda enclosure because he wanted to hug the panda! The panda, unsurprisingly was a bit surprised and put out so he bit the man, whereupon the man bit the panda right back... It's true, honest.

RICE: Yummy spinach rice from the Indian restaurant near us, it's the only thing they actually got right in our order and they managed to get lost on the way to our house, which is all of 5 minutes down the road, in the same village, but the rice made up for all of that.

TIGER: Another random Chinese story that I read in the papers, so true again folks! A restaurant in Beijing that only sells animal penises, to eat... Tiger is a speciality, but purely because it's so expensive. Apparently according to traditional Chinese medicine it can cure any kind of penis problem, so presumably only men eat it! Frankly, they can if they like, no way would I want to eat one of those!!

CALM: Not me at the moment folks! Dissertation is due on Friday and true to form I've left it a little late... Whoopsy! But I've done 2,000 words already today and the evening is still young!