Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another weekend has gone by

I was going to blog when I got home last night, but I got one of those weird small cuts that bleed like crazy. I made myself a small, late night caprese and cut myself a tiny bit on the thumb while cutting the tomato. It was the tiniest cut EVER and yet I managed to bleed all over the place. So, as I was tired and injured, I ate my salad and hopped into bed to sleep for the next 12 hours. It was much needed sleep.

My weekened included many of the same things it always does: a bit of time at 66, some silver earring buying, the trip into itaewon to put money on my phone, and movie watching with James (Final Destination 3 and Dark Water). Unlike normal, I didn't go out on any late nights (except Ladies' Night on Thursday, more on that later) and I had to wake up early to go up to Dongducheon. This time I took the second last train home and actually made it back to Dangsan before the subways stopped running. I'm going to have to start getting little weather reports before heading up to Dongducheon because it is a lot cooler up there than it is in Seoul.

So, Thursday. YunJin's birthday, though she didn't tell me that! We went to ladies' night after a quick stop at a little park for a "smoke". The kind of smoke you can't buy in the Family Mart. lovely. Then we hit Itaewon and I bumped into Frank and got to steal some of his mandu, as he was on his way home and I was on my way into the Loft. YunJin and I played darts with some random people. I suck at darts. I can generally hit the board, but seldom what I am aiming at. Nor do I understand which numbers I am supposed to hit or the scoring system or to go up and get my darts (I wish it was like bowling and they just came back to you). However, I managed to win! We drank a bit and danced a lot and bumped into Sesh, who is by now on her way home.

So that was my weekend. As per usual, Sunday was my favorite part.

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