Saturday, September 02, 2006

I am downloading French Rap right now

Yesterday started off annoying - my boss pissed me off. He is so annoyingly inconsistent.

However, it got much better. Laura, Hannah, and I went out to try and eat middle eastern food, and after some incompetance on my part, ended up eating at geckos. it was yum. We then met up with YunJin at 66, visited Condomania, went to a norae bang where I did not sing, and then went dancing at Stompers. I love hip hop, I love dancing, and I love the music they play at Stompers. I had a great time. Got home at 5.30am to collapse into bed and sleep.

Consequently, haven't done much with my Saturday. Slept in and have been padding about the house ever since. I love lazy days. Sent a series of silly texts to James, which is always fun, as he is stuck working this weekend. Chatted with Jenny on MSN. Has been nice.

Amusingly, the other day one of my students told me that sometimes I am a Snape teacher (mean? diabolical?) and sometimes a Hagrid teacher (jolly and fat?).

There are drums playing outside my building. This happens most weekends actually, but I can't for the life of me figure out where it is coming from. It sounds cool, so that is too bad.

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BlasFemmeity said...

but snape is the best teacher