Thursday, September 07, 2006

I had a weird dream...

A scientist told me that ladybugs now have square and triangular spots in addition to circles. It was all very stressful, though I have no idea why.

Not much else has been going on today. It was just one more busy day at work. Without a break, I have to be more efficient. I managed to prep, do a class worth of report cards, and do all my homework lists. I'm quite pleased. And I taught a particularly good lesson to my newest class, which felt great.

I was thinking today just how important contact from home is. And email is brilliant, cause it's fast and more people actually make the effort to email, but mail is just on a whole other plain. All the people who have mailed me chocolate and sent postcards, and of course, Jenny's remarkable 28 page letter, have really made such a difference on how i feel living overseas. I love being here, it is the right thing for me. But that doesn't mean that I don't hate missing everything that is going on back home, both in my Scottish home and my Canadian one. And it is the little emails and packages of chocolate and peanut butter (esp notable that Louise sent me some since it is hard to find in Edinburgh) and letters and all that make me feel still a part of what is going on in my absence. And I certainly am not great with correspondence myself. I have been lazy with emailing, cause I know that people can read the blog. I haven't so much as bought a pack of postcards since I arrived, with the exception of the trip to thailand. It is the sort of thing that easily slips by the wayside when I get busy, but it really shouldn't. I can't really think of anything more important. Cause I miss you all, so much. And I hope everyone is doing well. I promise to try and email you all soon.

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