Wednesday, September 20, 2006


One of my highest classes at school has been pissing me off lately. Not all of the kids, but the three boys in particular.

On Friday, I handed my kids a crossword containing the vocabulary test words. The have to do some fill-in-the-blank, 5 definitions, and 5 sentences. Now, the Jooster has declared crossword puzzles verbotten. Along with all activities that involve personal study, but excepting the "projects" the kids do and colour and make into little gems of goodness to brighten up the report cards and make mommy and daddy splurge for another month at our delightful hagwon. I don't personally think these projects are always terribly educational, but whatever. So, I deviously handed out the crosswords because they really are the most educational way I can think of to prep the kids for the test (which I do have to do because they must get good marks on these tests, as they also are to be gems of goodness for the report cards).

And the boys decided they would sit around for 40 minutes speaking Korean, no doubt assuming that Teacher would tell them the answers at the end of class and they could just skive away. Well, Teacher is in fact fed-the-fuck up with these lazy boys and decided that she would not give out any damn answers and would, in fact, instruct all students to finish the crosswords as homework. Teacher is happy to help, but she won't be doing your fucking work for you. She, after all, already knows what words like disallow mean or how to use envious in a sentence. Now, in addition to Teacher's instruction that they should complete the crosswords for homework, it said ON THEIR HOMEWORK SHEET, that they get every Monday, to finish the vocabulary review crosswords. Remarkably, come Monday they hadn't done them. So, I again instructed them to finish them, as solving the puzzle gives you all the test answers. I marked the girls' crosswords (all finished, of course. not that the girls are little angels in the slightest, but they are far more conscientious.) We moved on to the reading review.

Today was test day. All the girls finished their vocabularly sheets and passed them in and started the reading tests. The boys didn't even finish the vocabulary section and Teacher certainly isn't giving them extra time next class. In fact, they'd better study for the reading test, cause Teacher is giving them the one class in which to do it either and then they are out of luck.

I haven't had time to mark their tests yet, but at a glance I could see that their marks are going to suck. And it serves the damn little buggers right. I love to teach. I am happy to help and explain and all that. But you have to meet me halfway, and if you don't, don't think I am going to pamper your lazy little ass.

The amusing part? I was a lazy ass in school. But I still managed to get good grades. Had I not been able to pull that off, I'd like to think I might have studied a little bit.

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Jen said...

I've been annoyed with my students lately, too. I think it's most irritating when you care more about them than they do. Sounds like you handled it correctly, however! See my blog for my recent frustrations (and giggles) with students (if you havn't already).