Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bell Hooks is the Bomb

I just finished reading "Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center". She is amazing. She says a lot of things I think, but articulately and intelligently. I loved, loved, loved it. Everyone should read it. It is that good!

I am 10 pages away from the end of "The House Gun" by Nadine Gordimer (and 40 pages into "The Food of Love" by Anthony Capella because I somehow forgot that I hadn't quite finished "The House Gun" before going out last night!). It took me a good 200 pages to actually start to like this book, which isn't great, cause the book is only 300 pages long. That said, I really enjoyed it once I got into it.

I think it is something about the style. I have noticed lately that some books just take me ages to get into. I find the plot interesting, even provoking, but I just can't dig the style. And then after a while, I get used to it. When I first noticed this trend, I thought it was the result of changing styles drastically between one book and the next. I'm coming to think that I have a very distinct style preference, one which I can't quite put my finger on, that makes me like some books from the beginning. And yet, cause I CAN NOT leave a book unfinished, I give myself the time to adjust to things that don't appeal immediately, and generally like a lot of things in the end. I have a ton of potential good reads stacked up next to me right now, which makes me very happy.

And I am glad I started "The Food of Love" after last night's great dinner at La Tavola, or I'd be craving good Italian food right now intensely. As it is, this book makes me hungry for the kind of food I am just not going to get here in Korea. And reminds me so much of my fantastic trip to Italy and how absolutely amazing the food was there. I can't wait to go back one day. And eat a lot. A lot.

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