Monday, September 04, 2006

It won't work!

Trying to stir a packet of Lipton lemon ice tea into a glass of water with a chopstick does not work. You really do need to get off your lazy ass and wash a spoon.

Now, I am sure you are thinking to yourself, as you grab your jacket and head out the door to buy some Lipton ice tea to try it yourself (and some chopsticks too, if you are like many North Americans), this silly Amanda just has poor stiring technique.

But, you'd be wrong. And that is why my dirty dishes have now been done. And why I really should buy a couple more spoons.

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Jen said...

I had the iced tea powder and the chopsticks (I always have owned chopsticks). But I had a clean spoon, so I used that instead. In fact, my lipton powder is in a big container, so I have to spoon it out anyways. I'm a busy commenter today, to match your busy posting! (actually I'm avoiding cleaning...) j