Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Season of Hell

aka Mosquito Season!

I don't usually expect mosquitos in September. But, as was pointed out to me, it makes sense as Korea's rainy period is later, hence the laying of all those nasty mosquito eggs and their hatching is later.

The damn things are everywhere. There is one somewhere in my room RIGHT NOW. As the airconditioners start to go off and the windows start to open, they are all over the place at school. The kids tend to just wave their hands at the mosquitos, so I've been encouraging a tougher, killer policy towards bugs. MOSQUITOS MUST DIE!

And the damn cold season is starting. One of my classes has a very large concentration of snotty, coughing vectors-of-disease. And they like to hug me. Nasty. I wash my hands like a fiend and I am all about the anti-bacterial handwash. I have 3 sick days all year, folks. I need to stay healthy!

Not that that means I will do anything sensible like eat more veg, exercise, or get regular sleep, or anything. I mean, really.

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