Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm Sending the Picture, Prom Queen!!!

It is Sunday evening and I am watching Sex in the City, after a day spent alternately napping and watching the CSI marathon on OCN. Which has also allowed me to get my fill of amazingly silly Korean commericals (La-la-la-la-lemondade-e). I love that the actors in the commercials manage to look so amazingly, astonishingly overjoyed about whatever it is that is being advertised. If all it took to make me THAT hapy was some kiwi juice, well, I tell you, life would be mighty different.

My weekend has been good and rather low key. Went to the Loft on Thursday after some dinner at Geckos (very yummy quesidillas) and bumped into Val, who is now back in Seoul. Yay! Played darts again (and managed to tie one game, though I barely scored in one other and didn't score at all in the third). Had lots of rum and cokes of the "coke is just for colouring" variety that the baretender at the Loft seems to speicalize in. Friday I merely went out for some nosh in Insadong. Saturday James came over and we went out for dinner at La Tavolas. Apparently YunJin and Laura were both there too, but I didn't notice. James did, but hadn't met them yet. We had a drink at Bricxx, in the hammock, and then met up with the crew at Route 66. I dodged out of some dancing at Halaboogies due to a slightly sore stomach, which I think was likely the big plate of mussels I ate. They were well worth it though.

I have done very little today, wating for my sore stomach to go away. Eating Dunkin' Donuts didn't really help with that, surprisingly.

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Naomi said...

Bamboo: Reminds me of an article I read in the newspaper the other day, a drunk man in China travelled for hours on a train and then jumped into a Panda Bear enclosure at a zoo, in order to give the panda a hug. The panda being somewhat surprised and not to mention somewhat pissed off, bit him and then this drunk guy bit him back! Yes, it's true, he bit the panda! Weirdo.

Rice: Lovely spinach rice from the local Indian restaurant near us, it's about the only thing in our order that they got right though, but still, yum!

Tiger: Another weird newspaper article about China (I bet you're glad that you don't teach there..) Apparently there's a specialist restaurant in Beijing where they serve just penises. And Tiger is a speciality, purely because it's so expensive. Apparently penises are the recommended thing to eat accordingly to ancient Chinese medicine if you can't get it up!

Calm: Not me at the moment. Dissertation due in on Friday, typically have left it all to the last minute, bad Naomi! - Although this does explain my lack of communication with any of friends, sorry! You can read my blog now though, I sent you an email with the address in.