Sunday, September 03, 2006

Blowpops and Rectangular Frames

I had a great night out on Saturday. YunJin and I started out by going to La Tavola. We split a starter and then I had a main course, dessert, red wine, and a cappicino, which set me back $60. Which seems hideously expensive for a meal for one, but it was so.damn.good! I had pasta with scallops in cream sauce and it was yum. We then wandered over to Bricxx 1, in Itaewon, which I haven't been to since I was in Korea on my last contract. I do like the Bricxx in Hongdae better, but it is still nice and particularly cozy. And the peach marjaritas are still to die for. We then wandered over to Geckos, just missing Amber and John, but hanging out with Mel, Derek and some of his friends, and of course, bumping into assorted others (Sesh, Yuri, Patricia, etc). I chatted briefly to one girl who I'm sure i either recognize from being at Geckos or 66 or the Loft often or from photos on someone else's myspace. Once curfew was about to hit, we headed to Hongdae to meet up with Julie and brother, Amber, John, and Sean, Natasha and Kelly, and who knows who else. From there we went dancing at Halaboogie's, which involved a shared blowpop (i did not get the gum, dammit!) and lots of pole dancing, and possibly some fun pics, though i've yet to see them. Then we headed to Tin Pans, both 1 and 2, and finally home. We arrived in time to catch the early hours of the morn, after wandering around the neighbourhood to buy water. So much easier before the Paris Baguette replaced the little Mart (though I love the garlic bread access.)

Today Laura and I headed over to the newly built Dunkin' Donuts and were distracted by the Mr. Pizza in the same building. After a lovely pizza, we decided to finally walk down to Carrefour to see what all the fuss is about. I ended up with a pair of white flats, some Lipton lemon ice tea packs, two white peaches, and another pair of glasses. Laura calls them my funky pair and for me they are quite the digression from my usual round shape and non-descript colours. They are rectangular and purple. I am curious to see what the kids make of them. James has already stated a preference for my other new pair after a glimpse on webcam. Interestingly, they cost $10 less than my dinner last night at La Tavolas. That's right folks, my new glasses were $50. I love Korea and its cheap glasses. Thank Bob for the bad sight of the population here. So, I now own 4 pairs. One pair I actively dislike, but they have the coating that darkens them into sunglasses. One pair I did like, but they are old and the frames are not what they were and who knows if the free repair job will hold. Then I have my two lovely new Korean pairs. I think I might keep on collecting...

If you don't want feminine detail (dad, you are going to want to skip this paragraph!), stop reading now. I have nasty, nasty cramps. I made a bizarre decision to try taking the pill again. Now, chosing one's pill brand based on the cheapest of three you've never heard of in a Korean pharmacy is probably not the brightest move. It has made my skin worse, made me PMSy like you wouldn't believe, and now that i stopped taking it 4 days before the end of a pack, I seem to be paying for it! I never should have gone back on. I just kinda forgot how much better I felt the last time I stopped taking it. So, the acne (out, damn spots!) may have to be dealt with using more serious methods - perhaps another round of Accutane. Some people have horrible experiences with this drug. For me, it isn't fun but I can stand the side effects I get. What has been holding me back is the connection to pregnancy. Basically, you have to wait. The latest doctor's advice I got said wait three years. Now, at this stage in my life, I am in no position, nor do I even want, to be popping out a kid. But... Three years... I'd be 31. I haven't a clue what I may be doing in three years or what I may want. It just seems such a big decision. I am not even sure I ever want to have a kid, and especially unsure as to if I ever want to go through pregnancy. And yet... But then, there are the zits. And the bastards have GOT to go. I have been toying with the options for awhile now and have yet to make up my mind. I keep waiting to wake up one morning feeling decisive. I hope soon!

There is something personal I keep toying with posting. I have written the post twice, only to delete it. Sometimes I write it mentally in my head. Once again, I don't feel ready to send it out to the world. But I have been pretty introspective the last year of my life. Can't believe that a year ago I was leaving Korea after my first contract ended. I can't believe what has happened over those 12 months. It has been a rollercoaster, certainly. And yet, I think that it was all just meant to be. In hindsight, there were 20,000 ways I could have done things better, easier, differently. But, regardless of the smarter things I should have done, it's been 12 months that at the very least I am glad to have gotten through. And not just gotten through either, but come out on the other side happier with myself and more content with my life, as lacking in direction as it presently is. I can think of a million possible things I could be doing and places I could be living in another years time. All that possibility is wonderful. Life without that sense of being alive to possibility is too sad. I am glad it is back in my life.

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