Saturday, September 09, 2006

I am eating $5 worth of cheese RIGHT NOW

So, the stress of the email takeover did get to me a bit yesterday. It sucks cause I had a lot of saved emails on there. I have contacted yahoo to try and recover the account but I can't seem to match my registration info. It has been over 10 years since I set the account up, so I guess that isn't that surprising.

Anyway, that sort of eclipsed my last HomePlus trip, but it was fun. Laura showed up at my door around midnight/1am and asked if I wanted to go along with her for some grocery shopping. Random, yes. It was fun though. Not the slightest busy and we found real mozzarella. The kind they package in water. Yum. Which I why I am now eating a caprese salad, thus eating $5 worth of cheese in one meal.

I didn't get a lot of sleeping Thursday night, so I was slightly hyper, crazy teacher all Friday. Nothing like exhaustion to make you a bit weird. But I actually had a great teaching day. Good lessons and had a great time with the kids. And of course, I got my big paycheque with all the camp pay, which was fun too :)

There is a new building across the intersection from us, with a Mr. Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts and a rooftop bar/restaurant called Ivy. It is really nice. I skipped out on the dinner part, but joined the gang for a beer. Then when the others went in, Laura and I moved to a Hoff for some pineapple soju and fried chicken. And a few cigs too. Then, since we weren't ready for the night to end, we headed into Hongdae at 3 in the morning. Yes, weird, I know. But fun. We bumped into Julie's brothers in 66, so joined them for a drink. Then we danced for maybe an hour in a very empty Halaboogies. The music was good. Had a long chat with Dongchun, who is a cutie. Then a quick trip into Bricxx, inspired by my need to pee, but let us finish the evening with a lovely peach marjarhita. So, after starting off Friday night not even wanting to go out, I ended up coming home at 5am after having a really great night.

Have been tidying up the apartment, as James is coming over tomorrow. I still have the floor and the bathroom to do, my least fav part of cleaning. Might call James to put it off, though I do have to get it done soon, cause I am off to a party at Pedros' tonight. That's right, a party in someone's place in Seoul. Doesn't happen often!

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