Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fess up now or the ghosts of my dead toenails will haunt you...

Half of one of my big toenails just decided to come off. All I did was rub my feet together!!! WTF?!? I had always kept my toenails super short, since really, I bit my nails folks, and if you have ugly nails, what is the point in beautiful toenails?

However, once again, being resident in Korea seems to have cured my nail biting. (Ha, mom! Bet you never thought of that cure!!!) My nails are stupidly weak though and so they break off a lot. I had them and my toenails at perfect manicure/ pedicure length, only to have one of my student step on my foot in such a way as to break my toenail vertically up to the nail bed. Not fun, I can tell you. My toenails are very, very dry and so they seem to break alot.

So, what do I do??? I am sure they taught this in school while I was busy skipping (along with the secret of eternal youth; the answer to life, the universe, and everything; the proof of a higher being; where the missing socks go; why toast always falls peanut butter side down; and many other fascinating facts. i skipped a lot, so they had a lot of time). Obviously I caught the part on semi-colon use, though.

If you don't post an answer in my comments section, I will send the ghosts of my dead toenails to haunt you. And that would be icky!!!

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you are too funny.