Thursday, October 23, 2008


So, my SAT kids were sitting around, casually reading an issue of Seventeen when I walked in today. I was ripe for being sidelined from the grammar lesson - after a day of supervising tests, which at my school involves shuffling more paper than you can even believe, my brain was half fried-half dead of boredom.

After we took up the homework, Morgan suddenly complained about how none of the Asia models in Seventeen had monolids. Then she pointed out how she was the only girl in the class who didn't have the double fold (one of the girls is only half Korean, but I did start to wonder about whether or not the other three have had surgery.) It was an interesting discussion - I asked if there were any Korean versions of Seventeen and did she find them more representative. She said not really, so I suggested that the girls make a magazine of their own. I think they may actually come up with some sort of zine or blog or something, as they seemed very interested in it.

I was feeling all pleased that we had had such a serious discussion that they were so interested in, when Ashley went and suggested they call the magazine She-pal. I mean, it's funny and smart - after all, Koreans count age differently, so 17 would be 18 here. It's just that the word for 18 pronounced a little bit differently is a Korean swear word.


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