Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Now Know For Sure That Obama Will Win

And I know it because the universe has sent me a sign that I will be getting things I like very much on November 4th, namely that the Christmas coffees at Starbucks are returning. I can't wait to start drinking my liquid After Eights again! I am even willing to get up an hour earlier to walk into Itaewon every day to drink them.

Thus, I feel the universe will also make me happy by having Obama win. Go, universe, go!

Oh, and I saw a Timothy's Coffee on my bus ride home from Martha's this morning! Who knew they were in Korea? It's odd being in Gangnam on a weekday - waaaaay too many people in suits. My life is not about people in suits any more and it's an odd reminder of my banking days.

Dudes, Martha lives faaaaar from me.


Ray said...

I saw that SAME Timothy's coffee this weekend when I went to Gangnam for dinner.

Joonho told me it was Canadian, he got excited because he remembered it from his trip last year to Toronto.

Is it the same as Tim Horton's?!

Amanda said...

No, it's a Starbucks-style place, whereas Tim Horton's is more like Dunkin' Donuts.

By PhoenixStorm said...

Timothys Coffee is right near me! I didnt know martha lived in gangnam. Say hi when youre in the hood next time! :-)