Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Do Odd Things In the Early Morning

The mosquitoes appear to be finding it too cool outside at night these days, because they are all in my apartment. How is it that I am more covered in mosquito bites in October than I was all summer? Granted, it has only just become the kind of weather that requires a sweater in the evenings.

Does anyone but me decide at 2 a.m. that they want to do a bit of cleaning, hang a couple of posters, put up a thing on the wall to hang the cowboy hat off of (have to do something with it, after all), wrap a couple of gifts, hang t-shirts by colour, and decrumb the toaster oven?

It's now very late - ok, really it's very early. And I'm out of milk for tomorrow's coffee. Bleagh.

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