Thursday, October 30, 2008

Whistle While You Work.. or Dance.

I've had a very cheerful day. First off, I've been riding that high of excitement over the soon-to-be-drunk Peppermint Mochas ever since I was in Gangnam this morning. As you can see, I'm not terribly hard to please. Then, I stopped to get a sandwich to go from Indigo and had one of their yummy Festival Smoothies. Delicious. I also grabbed some PowerAid and some V8 - I seem to consume a lot of smoothies and V8 lately, which is good. If I'm going to be obsessed with food, at least it's all fruits and vegetables! I had time to watch a bit of CSI and take a shower before heading to work.

On the way there I had a hysterically funny cabbie. I like Korean cabbies a lot - I've had so few bad experiences and so many great ones. This guy had me in gales of laughter when he kept saying, "Miguk, Canada sarum. Same-same." Well, yes and no. I don't really mind that Korean people might think I'm the same as an American - compared to most Asian cultures, I am to most extents and purposes. I think there are indeed important differences, but I also don't consider it an insult to be considered like an American. My cabbie also pointed out Korea's only Japanese church (according to him, anyway) which is right around the corner from where I teach, which might explain my class of five Japanese boys.

It's been a really lovely fall day. The air is chill and crisp, but not too cold. I spent some time walking home from the bus stop in the sun and that was lovely. I also bought a couple of apples - the taste reminded me of fall at home.

Kindergarten dance party - we do this often and this is their absolute favourite song. I love that Jain stops to check what's coming next in the lyrics book on the table. I shouldn't have sung along - you can't really hear them over me! K1 is my first class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I find all three of them adorable. Plus, there are three, which is always nice.

My day started off great and just kept on going. I don't love my third graders, but for once we managed to plow through all the work we needed to get done, and that was a nice change. My fifth graders were obnoxious but lovely as always. The Elite class was just constant tangents, but it was fun and I'm happy if they are talking in English and practicing their speaking skills.

Then SSAT. We had some discussion, we took up the grammar homework, and I gave them their five minute break. The next thing I knew, they were all being corralled into helping decorate for the Halloween party, as they are in general a great deal taller than the staff. Juluen in particular was quite helpful. We spent about twenty minutes putting stuff up and then just chilled in the classroom for the last five, which is when Morgan took this rather amusing video. And, yep, they are exactly that American and French. That class is entirely unlike any other teaching I have done in Korea.

After work I took a taxi home with Sara and I've been watching TV and waiting for my laundry to finish ever since. It was a nice day.

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