Sunday, October 26, 2008

It's Almost November

But I just started sleeping under more than a sheet in the last week and I am still sharing my bed with mosquitoes!


Beachcomber said...

Buh. Mosquitoes. Buh!

By PhoenixStorm said...

We have to send november out with a bang! This friday is club day and halloween night in hongdae!

Jen said...

It's still in the mid 20s here during the day, I'm sweatier than Herakles' balls when I get to the top of my hill (granted it is an uphill walk of about 2.5km) and I, too, am still being bitten by mosquitos and various other little buggers. So I hear you. But where I live, because I'm up on a high hill, there's a lovely breeze and with my windows open I am cool and comfortable. It doesn't feel like fall, though!