Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama's Biggest Fans

They might just be found here in Korea, where every school child supports him, now that the primaries are over. Before there were a fair number of Hillary Clinton fans too, but for sure, they are all little Democrats. And the cabbies of Korea are Obama fans to the last.

I tell ya, it's too bad that Koreans can't vote in American elections. I'm not a huge Obama fan by any means (and once I finish the Audacity of Hope, which is taking me forever and a day, I may post about why that is), but I do think for the sake of the world, the Americans need to elect him.

Four years of McCain/Palin? I can tell you one thing, if that happens, I'm not sure I'm willing to live on the same continent!

Not that that is terribly likely. But you never know. I may want to move home one of these days, so I'd appreciate it if the American public would stop electing assholes who will then dominate far too much time on Canadian TV and in the print media. After my lovely zen bubble protecting me from politics (since I can't understand Korean news) I can not even fathom having to go back to that. Eeuk.

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