Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Not Your Mom

It's not something I've had to tell the teenagers - for all that they are messy, it's not actually hard to get them to do stuff. In fact, I've found it surprising just how easy it is to mess with their heads (I mean this in a good way). It's not any harder than with kindie kids, who will believe me completely when I tell them that I'm an alien from Mars and I can prove it with my Korean ID card. (Hahahaha, who knew that Alien Registration Cards would prove to be so much fun?) Really, messing with teenagers is just as easy. Granted, you have to try and get a word in edgewise, as they seem to be on an unrelenting mission to try and shock me. I just sit there, grinning inwardly, thinking, "Oh, if only you knew..."

However, it's the K1 class that got the amusing "I'm not your mom" comment and it's because the little poppets can't say my name correctly. This isn't any big surprise, as little Sang-yoon also can't spell his name or even print an S without writing it backwards. However, much like in my first job where the preschoolers had a tough time, these kids have also apparently interpreted Amanda as Mama.

Mama Teacher. I just don't think so.

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