Monday, June 29, 2009

These are the kinds of emails I get from Hashers...

Missing, One bedpan, silver colored. Has beer and chicken stains. Names of known alcoholics on back. Last seen near bags during GS's on out run last Saturday afternoon. REWARD PAID IN ALCOHOL FOR PROMPT RECOVERY. No questions asked.

found on a blog page....... ""We were halfway down the yellow line at nine-o-clock when agargantuan foreigner draped in a multi-colored woolen poncho, cowboyhat, and known only as Bone, suggested having ..........."" Who could it be????

If you want, I'll lead the pack this weekend. I've never been to the spot, ran really fast or regularlly woken up sober on Sunday morning. If anybody else wants to join, let me know. Let me know either by email, hand phone -010-xxxx-xxxx, DSN: xxxx-xxxx, snail mail - xxx-x Bonporo, Yongsan Gu,Seoul, ROK, facebook - xxxx xxxx, skype - xxxx80, hash space - !@*!?@*, super spy - chalked mail box outside front gate in Uijoenbu, spot light - giant upside down penis in the middle of a cloudy night or stripper gram - on my lap.


Danielle said...

Oh. Very nice.

Perhaps you should return his bed pan, hmm!?

Amanda said...

I wish I had the bed pan, as I'd love the reward, but this one wasn't me!

LSL said...

Omg: stripper gram - on my lap.

That is so damn funny.

Can you describe what your hashing is for those of us that came late to the party?