Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Weekend Flies By

My weekend involved an awful lot of reading and lying around in bed. In fact, I didn't go out on Friday or Saturday night - instead, I got a lot of much needed sleep and read a bunch of books. Oh, and I watched Kinsey. I really liked it.

I did do two things over the weekend - I went to GS's On Out over at Olympic Stadium area. I didn't get there in time to hash, but the Down Down was awesome. An incredible amount of singing and food. Plus I got all hopped up on Coke. The drink, sillies, not the drug. After the hash, a bunch of us went to a baseball game - my first in Korea. I still find baseball kinda boring, but in Korea they have cheerleaders and Hello Kitty, so that's fun. Plus, Half an Angry Pirate (gotta love hash names, really) decided to streak at the game! He didn't get all the way naked (we didn't think that would go over well at all), but he jumped on the field from right field and made it all the way over to left field, waving his shirt around his head. Security tackled him and took him away. We were all talking about a hash fund to post his bail when we bumped into him in the subway. Apparently, he's not to do it again - but they were cool, as he said he did it because he loved the LG Twins so damn much and right after his stunt, they hit a home run and went on to win the game.

Sunday I went to the PMS meeting, which is basically a setting of dates and discussing a lot of things we could silk screen (bras, t-shirts, tanks, bags) or embroider (bag tags, patches, socks) with our hash names all over them. Oh, and I finally have a happy coat to put my patches/name on (well, ok, I'm going to pay someone to sew them on for me, because I'm waaaaay lazy and hate sewing), though it's a Southside coat rather than a PMS one. After, we went for Indian food at Namaste, which was delicious, and went to the Korean dollar store.

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