Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I was wrong.

It wasn't all downhill after finding the fifty bucks, but it will likely be all downhill after spending my fifty dollar windfall. I didn't mean to spend the fifty in a single day; it just sort of happened.

It started because I had an errand to run in Itaewon.

(Buying the newest issue of Bust is too an errand.)

(It is! Stop laughing at me!)

Anyway, I had some used books to trade in (Does it count as an errand if I managed to get hold of a book club book used? I'm hoping to make it to the Sappho Sisters meeting this month) and there was the new Bust. That accounts for 13,000 won and another 5,000 on the taxi that got me to Itaewon before What the Book closed.

Then, there I was in Itaewon, the neighbourhood of good food that doesn't require me to do any dishes afterwards. And I was hungry. The next 30,000 went on the best chicken and cashew in any of the four Thai restaurants that Itaewon boasts. It was delicious and I have more than enough to take to work for dinner tomorrow.

I walked home from Itaewon and stopped by the Kubawoo. Mr. Lee was his usually hilarious self and I picked up a bottle of red wine (which I managed to cork, dammit), a Toblerone (bad call - it's less fun when you can't snap off the triangles and I have no intention of waiting while it rehardens in the fridge - it's way too hot here already), and two small cans of Canada Dry Ginger ale.

Then I threw on a movie, poured a glass of wine so big that it's half the bottle, and attempted to eat my melted chocolate with a minimum of mess. Fabulous evening.

And that is the tale of the fifty thousand won. My money and I apparently prefer short stories to novellas.


sarah said...

Sounds perfect to me!! Windfalls are meant to be spent in ways that celebrate their windfalliness! Or else it's a slap in the face for the god of luck! A slap!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I agree! Unexpected windfalls are not meant to be saved and scrimped. They're supposed to be splurged. :)