Monday, June 22, 2009

"Monthly" Update

2. Read 101 books. (65/101) The Boelyn Inheritance, Perfect Match, Keeping Faith, Bite Me If You Can, Race Against Time, Dragonsblood, What Canadians Think (About Almost Everything), Son of a Witch, Ordinary People, White Tiger, The Other Boelyn Girl, Break No Bones, Cross Bones, Deadly Decisions, Bare Bones, Grave Secrets, Deja Dead

3. Read 50 children's books. (27/50) Meiko and the Fifth Treasure, Superfudge, Ramona Quimby Age 8, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, The Magic Circle, Felita, Going Home, Daniel's Story, The Trumpet of the Swan

8. Read all the magazines in my place.

I read the one I bought this month...

9. Read Man Booker Prize and Pulizter Prize winning book from the year of my birth. (0/2)
Man Booker Prize (1978)
Winnder - The Sea, The Sea, Iris Murdoch
Short List: Jake's Thing, Kingsley Amis; Rumours of Rain, Andre Brink; The Bookshop, Penelope Fitzgerald; God on the Rocks, Jane Gardam; A Five-Year Sentence, Bernice Rubens

Pulizter Prize (1978)
Fiction: Elbow Room by James Alan McPherson
Drama: The Gin Game by Donald L. Coburn
History: The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business by Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
Biography or Autobiography: Samuel Johnson by Walter Jackson Bate
Poetry: Collected Poems by Howard Nemerov
General Non-Fiction: The Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan
12. Complete a month of posts each year (NaBloPoMo or other month.) (5/3)

14. Send 60 handwritten letters or postcards. (10/60)

19. Be able to label a map of Africa.

I have one in my drawer at work. I look at it during tests and stuff.

23. Win at any of the quiz nights.

We're winning non-stop lately! Woot!

57. Eat at 25 new restaurants. (11/25) Namaste!

60. Visit a new continent (South America, Australia, Antarctica, Africa.)
61. Visit 5 countries I've never been to. (0/5)
65. Go canoeing or kayaking again.

Plans are in progress! Yay!

68. Go to a sporting event, a play/opera/ballet, a museum, and an art gallery. (3/4)

SK vs LG baseball game!

76. Take the subway to or from work once a week. (25/38)

80. Explore 12 new places in Seoul - one for each month. (3/12)Olympic Stadium

84. Finish all my multivitamins.

Working on it. I take one whenever I make coffee at home. Otherwise, I forget.

90. Go to bed by midnight thirty times. (3/30)

91. Start and stick to an exercise routine.

I've started. I'd like to be going more often per week. Also, since I'll be working mornings and evenings for a month, if I'm going to keep it up, I have to find a gym near work.

95. Make one day a month internet and TV free. (15/30)

99. Find a charity I believe in and donate/join a protest for a cause I believe in.

With PMS, I'm doing some fundraising for a charity called CHILD.

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