Thursday, June 18, 2009


I went to the bank today to set up the ability to transfer money to Canada through the bank machines. I tried to do this several banks/years ago and got a run-around about how I had to go to the head office several hours away and sign over my first born in order to do it, so I gave up. Downstairs, the lovely KB people handled the entire deal in all of about ten minutes and in perfect English. Genius.

However, they also issued me an International Card. An International Card that doesn't work outside of Korea.


I don't get it. Is it me that makes it International?

Also, somebody is going to need to by me some Cheetos lip balm.


Chris in South Korea said...

Yes, it makes you international... not... I wonder if it's meant to be a brand name as opposed to a level of service. KEB rocks, from everything else I've heard about :)

Chris in South Korea said...
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LSL said...

This brings back craaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy memories of trying to open an account and transact business in Japan!