Monday, May 04, 2009

WTF Once Again

So, Hana Bank, the bank that has 3 million of my hard earned won, decided to close itself down for a few days. I don't mean that you just couldn't go into an actual branch - there was also no ATM service and no ability to use the card in stores (okay, let's be honest - bars). Seriously? How did that even happen?

However, they are bank in business, so I just did a bunch of banking today. Bills paid, money transfered home (rate still sucks, but not as much as this time last year).

And then I came to work and discovered Party Cat. So, the day is looking up.

Plus, no school tomorrow. I will be celebrating Children's Day by avoiding children! Cinco de Mayo is a considerably more fun holiday, anyway, seeing as it involves margaritas and Mexican food.


Chris in South Korea said...

Yes, Hana's odd shutdown lets them upgrade their systems or something like that. It could be a lot worse - at least the rest of the time they work ok... They had signs (only in Korean) on their doors, so they gave people (er, Koreans or people who read the signs closely) some advance notice... Still, it would suck to not have your card not work... Happened to my girlfriend over the weekend...

Amanda said...

I used to work in banking in Scotland - there is no need to shutdown in order to upgrade. I think it's more than ridiculous.