Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hashing at School

Well, not really. But odd songs (incredibly inappropriate songs) are always running through my head. And then there are all the little phrases you pick up, some of which might actually make for a decent routine in class.

Five minutes! When circle is about to start, the GM or RA will yell out how soon it's starting and the pack yells back. This would be damn handy for some of my classes who act like the beginning of class comes as some sort of daily surprise.

Reviewing (not voting). When names are being given, there are often a lot. The GM will yell whether names are being reviewed or voted on and the pack yells what's not being done. Sitting (not standing) is something my K3 class now has down pat.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! All my Southside emails start with that whenever we're emailed the start point. I have now started to say it every day in kindergarten class, as my kids are not exactly on the ball with the days of the week, the months, or numbers over ten.

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