Monday, May 11, 2009

May's Update

Fail - Oops!
6. Maintain the book ban (no books without trade-in credit) with 5 slips. (8/5)
Well, this didn't work. I had hoped it would keep me in check, but lately I've been buying tons of books. It's compulsive and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I have, however, also been reading up a storm, so at least there is that.

In Progress
2. Read 101 books. (48/101)The Great Fortune, How to Read Literature Like a Professor, The Polysyllabic Spree, Fatal Voyage, Death Du Jour, The Truth About Stories
Six books since April 18th!
3. Read 50 children's books. (18/50) Joey Pigza Loses Control, Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick
1. Finish this frickin' list. In 1001 days, write a new one. (1/2)
5. Spend 30 days reading out of the house for at least one hour. (10/30)
8. Read all the magazines in my place.
Lack of internet access has been helping with this one.
11. Finish up all draft blog posts.
But not at all with this one...
16. Send Christmas cards. (1/2)
22. Stop saying THAT word (the one Martha doesn't like.)
35. Take the good camera out once a month. (15/30)
46. Try 10 new foods. (3/10)
57. Eat at 25 new restaurants. (10/25)
68. Go to a sporting event, a play/opera/ballet, a museum, and an art gallery. (2/4)
76. Take the subway to or from work once a week. (15/38)
I hate this goal, but at least it's moving along a bit.
77. Walk into Itaewon to get coffee at least 15 times. (5/15)
80. Explore 12 new places in Seoul - one for each month. (2/12)
84. Finish all my multivitamins.
There are two left. Then it's on to a new bottle.
90. Go to bed by midnight thirty times. (2/30)
95. Make one day a month internet and TV free. (15/30)
Not always voluntary, but still.
98. Buy another external harddrive and have old harddrive fixed.
99. Find a charity I believe in and donate/join a protest for a cause I believe in.

15 done in total - that's not bad, I guess. I feel like I should start to refocus on the list though, as I'm not making a lot of progress.
7. Go to a book club meeting.
12. Complete a month of posts each year (NaBloPoMo or other month.) (4/3)
15. Complete Postcrossings.
23. Win at any of the quiz nights.
24. Participate in a scavenger hunt.
26. Learn to play a new game (Backgammon, Bridge, etc.)
27. Play 5 board games. (5/5)
45. Try making lasagna in a toaster oven.
53. Eat chicken wings in a bar for the first time.
64. Visit a country from the Axis of Evil.
78. Buy a round for the bar.
79. Let Shawn talk me into Hashing once.
83. Buy a frickin' toothbrush.
97. Buy a new iPod.
101. Wash Martha's dishes.

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Cairo Typ0 said...

It sounds like you're making great headway with your list! I for one could not make a commitment to not buy new books. *eek* Must have books!!