Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Wasn't Going to Share But...

... not very many intresting things happen in my world, so I can't not use the things that do as blog fodder.

I found a three-pack of condoms in my mailbox today. Weird, yes? Indeed.

I have a few theories as to where they might have come from:

1. Henry (let's call him Henry, since that is his name and none of you can stalk him based on that.) He's a friend, we flirt, and he's funny in just the kind of way that might lead him to stick condoms in my mailbox. Also, his friend lives across the street from me, so he has plenty of opportunity.

2. Hashers. Many of them crash at my place and hence, know which apartment number I am. They also have the right kind of sense of humour for this.

3. Mr. Wednesday Night. Again, knows where I live, is someone I have flirted with. This is the person my mind first jumped to.

4. A random stranger left them for Craig, the dude who lived there before me and still gets a lot of mail and stuff delivered to my place.

I can't exactly go around asking though, as it's, you know, odd.


Anonymous said...

there's no need to ask anyone where they came from, just celebrate the gift! inflate them and tie them together with some fancy ribbon, then hang them on your mailbox for all to enjoy!
heh heh.
i love randomness like this. once, somebody installed a nice fender on my bike while it was locked up outside my friends' house. it was odd, but great.

Cairo Typ0 said...

The only polite thing to do is celebrate the gift in the way it was intended! :p

sarah said...

Ahahahaa that`s awesome.

Maybe its a `pay it Forward` kind of thing and now you have to pass the gift on!

Phoenixstorm said...

my vote is for the condom fairy.

Amanda said...

At the moment, my sex life doesn't require condoms. I should find a worthy, needy straight person ;-)

Additionally odd, they're North American condoms. Hmmm...