Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Though with less lines and more margaritas, it would have been happier. Only in Koreaw would a Mexican restaurant throw a big party and run out of booth booze and food!

DSD (aka Sharlene) and I met up for brunch today and the Flying Pan remains one of my favourite places for breakfast food. The do some interesting things with it - lots of spinach and tomatoes and ricotta cheese. With a coffee and a mixed berry smoothie (scurvy staved off for another day), we bumped into Ben and then headed over to Jonggak. There's a cheap Mexican place there, Tomatillo's, next to a park that was sort of hosting a big party. Thanks to Facebook, half the foreigners in Korea appear to have turned up to spend a great part of their day off standing around, waiting for booze and food. I think the time cost of those 3000 won drinks may have been about forty minutes each.

Anyway, once they ran out of the food and booze, we taxied to Itaewon where I went into What the Book. I had a list of four (only four) books that I intended to buy. Of that list, I bought one. Plus four others. Then I ordered the three on the list that weren't there. Yes, yes I did. The last time I was in buying books was only six days ago and I just went and bought eight books. It's a disease, I tell you. The fact that I was a bit buzzed was no help at all.

After, Laura, DSD and I had some margaritas and tapas on the patio at Geckos Garden, ending the evening. I went home and decided that the only thing I was in the mood to do was use the Internet, so here I am in the PC bang, watching TV online and playing around with photos on Facebook.

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