Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bundang Pubway Crawl

Four 7-11s
Three Family Marts
Four Ministops
One Goodmorning Mart
One drink in a pot-infused bar called Woodstock
Two GS 25s
One IGA Mart
Three Buy the Ways and...
One pre-purchased drink drunk in front of a dark subway station at 3 a.m.
Saturday was the Bundang line Pubway Crawl. 20 stations, one alcoholic drink per station. About forty foreigners in yellow t-shirts, fifteen hours.

It was epic. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I could read the Iliad and the Odyssey in the same amount of time (how I got through a degree in Classics without having fully read either is something that confuses even me.) Sharlene and I were the first people to arrive at Seolleung, at which point we realised that perhaps the instructions to follow the chalk weren't going to work very well. After all, you can't follow the chalk IN the station, you need an exit number first. We didn't have one. After very briefly contemplating trying each of the ten exits before I texted a friend. Turns out we bumped into a man in a poncho who knew the way. Ponchos are handy.

Once we arrived, the first beverage was bought at exactly 12:10. I know because it was written on my t-shirt. As there were no small sizes, there was quite a lot of t-shirt re-making, so we were an interesting looking group. To say that we stuck out on the subway is to put it mildly. There was a game at the beginning there was a game. On the back of each t-shirt was a location for a rule that other people had to pick for you. If you did whatever it was you weren't supposed to do, you had to buy a beer for whoever caught you doing it at the next stop.

The t-shirts also had a "That's what she said..." area. Mine says, "would you like me to use my right hand?" After beer, soju (mixed with Poweraid and Mochamilk), some sort of alcoholic smoothie, a couple of vodka drinks, $4 "champagne" and a vodka chocolate thing that was delicious, we finished up at 3:10 and took a taxi back to Seoul.

I didn't do anything notable with my Sunday. Lazed around in bed, read, ate an omelet. Sunday was a day of rest.


Cairo Typ0 said...

I haven't done a pub crawl in years. I firmly believe that the shirts improve the fun of these events. Of course, i usually get that idea around bar number five. LOL

sarah said...

I'll fly over for the next one!!