Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Blahs

My Thursday blahs are pretty much my own fault, every week. Yet again we came second at trivia, so we got free booze, so I stayed out late, which resulted in me not getting enough sleep. Now I have to work my longest day of the week while overtired. And since I love Wednesday nights, it will continue on this way, no doubt.

However, to add to my blahs, today has been a day of tests. Tests bore me. I have to do a lot of marking and shush too many students. No fun. The only class I got to teach was "Fun" & Activity class - I have a new student in the class who seemed to have no fun, Jimmy spent the entire class playing with a set of earphones and a pair of glasses minus their lenses that his grandmother kindly sent along with him. We read a story about a pizza party and drew pizzas. Then we did the Hokey Pokey but none of them were moved to actually do the actions, though Dianne sang quite enthusiastically and Jimmy made fish faces at me.

One more set of tests to go. Well, and all of tomorrow's tests. Meh.


Cairo Typ0 said...

You read about pizza, and drew pizza, but didn't eat any? That's just torturing the poor things!

sarah said...

today we had to do lessons about ordering food in an american restaurant - which as a south african who has never been there, i know nothing about. but after 5 lessons of staring at these american menus - and after eating no breakfast, i was ready to die

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