Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doo Do Do Do Do Do Doooo

I have a "fun and activity" class tomorrow.

Do ya think I can teach them decent songs? The ones in the book are shite.


Also, we won trivia. It was fun. Garrett came and is gonna host next week, which means I got some free booze and don't have to write a quiz.


And... any country where a chesterfield is a couch has to be the best...


J.G. said...

Maybe you could teach them to play poker. That's always a hit with the parents. :-)

Simplicity said...

Meh is one of my favorite words! :)

I love that video.

CANADA ROCKS! (But I'd like to leave and travel the world for a while please!)


Cairo Typ0 said...

I love the Canaidan rant. I think it shoudl be used instead of the national anthem. :p

Teach them Avril Levine! I'm a scream! I'm a dream! I'm the best damn thing your eyes have ever seen!

(It's my feel good statement of the moment. :D )

Amanda said...

That was some pretty decent drunken posting last night, I must say.

I made my password to Blogger long and complicated to try and avoid the drunk posting, but no go, apparently.